Mey, CAMP DAVID, GANT, L&T, Hubmann, Salamander Austria and many more.

Success Stories

Mey Mainz
"The Porsche among IT providers."


SEAK in use in Mey’s lingerie and underwear shops: how Mey significantly fine-tune their budget planning, simplify holiday planning and gain more data transparency.

Michael Erdmann | CAMP DAVID
"This software is unrivaled in our industry."


How the SEAK principles applied in the fashion stores of CAMP DAVID and SOCCX: reconciling company goals, the demands of employees and the expectations of customers in fashion retailing.

"Hourly productivity has increased."


IT Director Stephan Speckmann in this interview: store managers at GANT achieve a higher-level overview of staff performance and the available hourly budget. Hourly productivity has increased.

Globetrotter Köln
"These software solutions are extremely retail-oriented."


Manager for Workforce Management, Omid Soltani, in this interview: greater clarity and better decision-making through SEAK’s Staff Scheduling analysis functions. More transparency when authorizing corrections and leave requests with less paperwork thanks to the Employee Service Portal.

Hasewelle L&T |
"This software fits our DNA."


L&T uses the Employee Service Portal. Employees initiate and manage their own leave requests, correction of forgotten bookings, as well as enquiries about their time balance or leave status.

"We have achieved all our goals."

Hubmann in Stainz, Austria

Workforce management at the Hubmann department stores in Austria. Managing Director Florian Hubmann talks about faster and easier planning as well as increased productivity and efficiency.

"Staff costs reduced by more than 20 %."


The French chain PYLONES reduces staff costs in its German shops with SEAK’s Staff Scheduling without compromising service quality.

"Communication and the flow of information are much more efficient now."

Mode Weber (St. Gallen, Switzerland)

Managing Director Lukas Weber in this interview with SEAK: the company benefits from, among other things, additional time resources being freed up by SEAK at management level.

"The planning process is more efficient and the results quickly improved."

Ahrens department stores

Ulrich Mücke, Commercial Manager and Authorised Signatory at Ahrens, and Alexander Marczoch, Human Resources Manager, in conversation with SEAK. “Target achieved. The figures prove it.”

"Overtime minus 80 per cent."

Intersport GÜ Sport

Rüdiger Günl, owner of seven Intersport shops, in conversation with SEAK. “Compared to other providers, we found that the SEAK solution […] reflects the reality of retailing down to the last detail.”

"Helps us take the right action at the right time."

Schuhhandel Förstemann

Managing director Daniel Förstemann in conversation with SEAK. The shoe retailer Förstemann generates shift rotas much more easily since introducing SEAK. Staff scheduling data can be accessed effortlessly and available and absent employees can be identified at a glance.


"On-site conversations in the stores are much better facilitated."

Salamander Austria

Klaus Magele, Salamander Austria manager, and Albert Setzger, sales manager, in conversation with SEAK. “No software I know of provides this variety and volume of key figures and interrelationships within a single system.”

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