For more satisfied employees.

Staff scheduling in retail

Staff Scheduling in retail

Staff Scheduling by SEAK leads to more satisfied employees in retail. Plan according to demand and available working hours. React flexibly to changes.

With staff scheduling that analyses your historical data, takes your specifications into account and supports you with automated planning suggestions, you consistently align your staff deployment with your needs.

Employees only come in when they are actually needed on the floor. This makes staff schedules more flexible and effective, as employees are available at the right times to provide better customer service.

Schedules that take into account individual circumstances and fair planning procedures significantly increase employee satisfaction.

Practical help functions in SEAK enable you to react quickly and correctly to changes in the shift plan, e.g. with the employee substitute search.

Depending on the setting, the planner gets notified if the legal or collectively agreed regulations (e.g. maximum daily, weekly or monthly working time) are exceeded.

Turnover forecast, distribution of hours, holiday planning

Rough annual and holiday planning

Rough annual planning

The annual rough plan provides the hourly staffing requirements over the course of the entire year, which is an important part of staff scheduling. It takes into account seasonal fluctuations, public holidays, annual leave, promotions (marketing calendar) and planned turnover.

As an alternative to turnover, other drivers such as the number of customers, units, etc. can also be used.

Holiday planning

After the general annual rough plan, holidays and other anticipated leave are also integrated.

Planners get the following support:
  • Display of holiday accounts, incl. annual entitlement, remaining, taken and planned.
  • Display of staffing requirements for each day throughout the year
  • Differentiated holiday accounts for approved and (loosely) planned leave
Practical implementation of the planned target

Weekly / monthly planning

SEAK comprehensively supports planners making daily processes particularly easy and convenient.
For example, planners receive an automated proposal for how many hours are required and which employees are best suited for shifts throughout the course of each day. This also accounts for employee qualifications and functions. Another click, and the planner can automatically schedule employees according to this proposal.
Adjusting the plan is just as easy. The program supports manual decision-making in the background by checking that all active rules are complied with.
Frequency coverage
  • Visitor/customer frequency
  • Daily forecasts
  • Minimum staffing
Transparent targets + objectives
    • Frequency coverage
    • Required staff qualifications
    • Planned turnover
    • Hourly budget
    • Hourly performance
    • Weekly and monthly targets, development and projection


Employee interests
  • Register preferences
  • Account for contractual hours
  • Fair distribution of shifts and days off
Notifications in the event of rule violations
  • Highlights compliance requirements (contracts, law, fairness)
  • Displays warnings and input restrictions
Make staff schedules available
  • On the go via smartphone
  • As a printout
  • Online
  • Via email

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