About SEAK

Social commitment

Working sustainably

We see how the world is changing around us and what consequences overexploitation can have on the environment.

We therefore use FSC® certified paper from sustainable sources and have reduced our energy consumption through the exclusive use of energy-saving LED lamps.

For the same reason we decided in 2012 to move to a low-energy building.

Giving back to the planet and people

The environment we live in is important to us. We have achieved a lot in the last few years and would like to share it with those around us.

For this reason we, for instance, support various social organisations in our region through our annual “donation instead of a christmas card” campaign . For example, various different food bank organisations (Bergedorfer food bank, Reinbeker food bank) and the pediatric care hospital in Hamburg.

We also regularly participate in the popular HSH Nordbank Run, a Hamburg charity run for the benefit of the Abendblatt initiative “Children help children”.

We are committed to these causes
Christmas 2020 | www.seak.de
SEAK Christmas campaign “Donation instead of a card” 2020
SEAK Christmas campaign “Donation instead of a card” 2020 990 667 Workforce Management im Handel | SEAK Software GmbH

The Christmas season is the perfect time to do something good for our fellow humans. For this reason, we decided…

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Start line at HSH
HSH Nordbank Run 2016
HSH Nordbank Run 2016 1024 681 Workforce Management im Handel | SEAK Software GmbH

We’ve been running for a great cause since 2012 at the HSH-Nordbank Run. Over 24,000 participants in 829 teams ran…

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SEAK sponsors vaulting trophy
SEAK sponsors vaulting trophy 1024 665 Workforce Management im Handel | SEAK Software GmbH

On the 18./19. June 2016, 20 teams, 30 individual-, as well as 20 trophy competitors participated in the joint Hamburg…

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