For more legal certainty.

Time management for retail

Time management for retail

More legal certainty with SEAK Time Management. Accurately record and calculate working times.

With SEAK Time Management, you can record working hours securely and accurately. This supports you, among other things, in your obligation to provide proof in accordance with the Minimum Wage Act.

Up-to-date time balances at daily, weekly, monthly and annual level are always kept in view with Time Management. The holiday accounts of individual employees can be easily tracked.

Integrated interfaces ensure a smooth transfer of working times to your payroll system.

HR managers get additional support through SEAK TEAMS®. With these end-to-end digital workforce management tools, you can book working hours and apply for holidays online. Employees can also easily request booking corrections via SEAK TEAMS®.

NEW: Time Management now has additional, essential new functions for topics relating to “short-time work”. You will get these new functions automatically with your current version of SEAK.


Record and calculate working hours

Time recording and time accounting

Record working hours

Time recording with SEAK can be done actively via booking terminals and cash registers, mobile via the internet, passively based on the working times saved in the PEP and, in the case of trust-based working time, from regular working hours.

The terminal operation corresponds to the concrete requirements of retailers (e.g. change of departments) and was specially developed by SEAK.

With passive time recording, the working times are taken from the PEP. Deviations from the plan are recorded via corrections.

In the case of trust-based working time, the working hours are automatically derived from the contractual standard working time.

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Calculate working hours

Working hours are calculated taking into account the currently applicable legal, collective and individual regulations, including:

  • Holiday regulations
  • Credits for absences and absenteeism
  • Basic hours and bonuses

If there are any changes in the law, we ensure the corresponding adjustments in your system.

Time Management terminal by SEAK
Record working hours with a chip or fingerprint

Contactless booking and identification with chip card or transponder

Biometric time recording with fingerprint

Information and entries directly at the terminal
  • Display holiday balance
  • Display working time balance
  • Change of departments, cost centres and activities
  • Select reasons for absence
Map master data, regulations + organisational structure
Master data
Employee master data

One of the basic functions of SEAK Time Management is master data management. This is where all employee data is stored that is required for working hours accounting, such as contractual regulations or working time regulations.

Access to the master data is regulated via user rights.

Organisational structure

For the clear allocation of persons and locations, SEAK maps the organisational structure of your company. Thus, all departments, cost centres, stores and companies/clients are also reflected in the system. This is the basis for optimal cost controlling and staff scheduling.

Contractual arrangements

The contractual regulations that are taken into account for each employee in working time accounting (if they are stored in the master data) include:

  • Contractually agreed number of hours
  • Rules on working hours and working days
  • Holiday entitlement (collectively agreed)
  • Employee’s areas of deployment
  • Personal data (e.g. birthday, qualifications, address, notes, dates/anniversaries)
User rights

Access to the master data is regulated for the different employee groups (HR, planners, management) to different extents (only certain information, read and writing rights) via the user rights.

In addition, a user logbook is available to track any changes.

Working time regulations

The working time regulations that are taken into account for each employee in the working time payroll (if they are stored in the master data) include:

  • All common working time models for full-time and part-time
  • Individual shift models (2/3/4)
  • Legal, collectively agreed and individual supplements
  • Capping arrangements

Internal system calendar functions ensure that the majority of appointments that are accessed by both time management and shift planning are automatically available in the system.

These include calendars for

  • Public holidays,
  • Holidays and
  • Vocational school (trainee deployment).
End-to-end digital workforce management

Digitise applications and corrections with SEAK TEAMS®.

With SEAK TEAMS® you can record working hours, time corrections and holiday requests digitally and online!

  • All applications for holidays and time off
  • All booking corrections (forgotten or double bookings)
  • All bookings for absences, such as sick leave and prolonged treatments

You determine whether requests are entered by employees or their supervisors. All processes go through a request and approval workflow. Requests and corrections are approved via separate multi-level workflows.

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Holiday planning in the SEAK system
Holiday planning
Annual planning

The planner has a complete annual overview with all employees in each planning area. By zooming in, they can see the entire year, individual months and days. Planning can be done either by mouse (drag & drop) or keyboard. A row showing the total balance of those who are present and those who are absent is also included.

Coupled with SEAK’s staff scheduling software, Time Management will also display the staffing requirements and the over/under coverage.

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Individual planning

In SEAK TEAMS® employees can pre-plan their holidays for a given timeframe. You have an overview of the entire department/store.

Holiday requests are submitted and processed digitally throughout a multi-stage approval procedure.

Overview of holiday balances
  • Store, department and overall overview
  • Individual annual index cards
  • Reset list incl. hourly and monetary valuation
  • Detailed overviews on the development of leave accounts, incl. dates, forfeited and compensated leave
System integration
Data exchange with wage + salary

Interfacing with all common wage + salary systems (see excerpt to the right) for bidirectional data exchange. Exchange via standardised interfaces.

Automated import and comparison of employee master data with your existing wage and salary system.

Import + export of clock-in/out entries

Import + export of absences

Export of hours by wage type

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Wage + salary system interfaces to SEAK's Time Management
Reports on time accounts, booking record quality, absences
Analysis and reporting

In addition to the screen display, all evaluations can be printed out or exported as a PDF. They can also be sent via e-mail or exported to Excel. You can access the evaluations manually or have them sent to you automatically.

Booking record quality
  • Incomplete bookings
  • Record arrivals after the planned time
  • Planned time capping when an employee leaves for the day
Progression of time accounts and holidays throughout the year
  • Individual time accounting
  • Totals + balances of time and leave by department, cost centre, store and employee status
  • Current +/- hours
  • Developments

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