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Access Control for retail

Access control for shoe-, textile- and sports retailers, as well as the food industry and bakeries

With Access Control you determine entry requirements for customers, visitors and employees to vulnerable areas of your company.

Access Control provides your employees a safer environment, for instance, outside store opening hours. Typical areas of use also include theft protection in the warehouse and securing of manufacturing areas.

Control access securely.

With Access Control you manage access for doors, gates, barriers, turnstiles and lifts. For enhanced security, motion detectors and alarm systems are also available.

Identification via specified criteria.

Identification at secured doors is carried out via fingerprint or a transponder, which is available as a key chain pendant or in check card format. These are safe, as well as practical means of identification.

Accurate evaluation.

You can evaluate each successful and attempted access by day, time and facility. The corresponding person remains anonymous!

Access Control functions

  • Secures office, IT and manufacturing areas via  entrances, barriers, gates, turnstiles and lifts
  • Security check via finger print or transponder (key chain pendant or credit card format)
  • Six security levels ranging from pre-determined open access periods to anti-pass-back
  • Each successful and attempted access can be evaluated by day, time and facility

6 security levels ranging from pre-determined open access periods to anti-pass-back

Level 0: Pre-determined open access periods, e.g. during business hours.

Level 1: Any person with a valid ID qualifies.

Level 2: Validity of time and days of the week is queried. Can optionally be authorized for entry during bank holidays.

Level 3: Maximum allowable number of persons in any specific area.

Level 4: Maximum duration of stay after which the person is locked out or blocked.

Level 5: Posting block. the person is only allowed to enter a building or room once within a given period.

Level 6: Anti-Pass-Back. To prevent passing on of an ID after entry to the facility, it is checked whether the incoming person is already present.

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