Staff Bottleneck Analysis, annual planning, needs-based staffing

Staffing Requirements Planning for retail

Software for staffing requirements planning for retail by SEAK

Increase your productivity with Staffing Requirements Planning by SEAK.

Staffing Requirement Planning by SEAK is a comprehensive solution. It covers the analysis of the current situation, offers a unique analysis of potential and annual planning. The detailed statistics particularly support managers in controlling.

Every retail company aims to schedule the optimal number of sales employees based on the expected customer frequency and sales target. Achieving this complex target requires staff scheduling software with appropriate functions developed specifically for retailers.

But what is Staffing Requirements Planning? Staffing Requirements Planning generally understood as the precise determination of the effective hour and staffing requirements for the company, taking into account the goals and any other specifications of the management.

This means, for example, goals such as turnover, staff costs and hourly productivity.

SEAK’s Staffing Requirement Planning comprises the four components

  • Staff Bottleneck Analysis (SEAK SBA)
  • Annual planning
  • Demand-oriented staffing
  • Controlling

Staff Bottleneck Analysis (SEAK SBA)

Staff bottlenecks are a major challenge for many companies.

For instance, in the aftermath of restrictive COVID-19 measures, companies face the challenge to gradually adapt their staffing to new requirements.

If this is not done appropriately, the consequences may be unexploited sales potential or substantial overstaffing.

What support does the Staff Bottleneck Analysis (SEAK SBA) offer?
  • With SEAK SBA, you can see the exact number of hours required depending on your sales planning with one click.
  • With SEAK SBA you get a comparison of the hours required with the actually available hours.
  • With SEAK SBA you can see when and where in your company there is over- or under-scheduling.
  • With SEAK SBA you have an orientation about the optimal distribution of holiday entitlements and can see where holiday planning should be adjusted.

Annual planning

Annual planning forms the basis for optimal staff scheduling.

It includes sales planning, daily sales forecast, specification of productivity targets as well as the calculation of the annual hours requirement and the actually available employee hours.

As an alternative to sales, other drivers such as customers, quantities, etc. can also be used.

The staffing requirement can be calculated effortlessly for the entire financial year with the help of the annual simulation, which was specially developed for retailers.

The annual planning as an important part of the Staffing Requirement Planning provides the number of required hours over the course of the year, taking into account the seasonal fluctuations.

The following factors are taken into account

  • Target hourly productivity
  • Sales planning
  • Effectively available employee hours
  • Appropriate minimum staffing and opening times
  • Days of varying strength and weakness
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Holidays, public holidays and long weekends
  • Current events

Demand-oriented staffing

Demand-oriented staffing makes the optimal distribution of employees over the course of the day visible.

It becomes clear when unnecessary staff deployment can be avoided and when more employees in the area can exploit the full sales potential.

To be taken into account

  • the available hourly budget
  • the staff structure in the respective planning zones
  • the different days of the week
  • the differently strong and weak days of the week
  • the frequency profile (visitors, customers, sales, number of items)
  • Holidays, public holidays and long weekends
  • Marketing campaigns

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