Optimised staff scheduling and digital workforce management in both production and the shop area.

Staff scheduling + time management in bakeries

Staff scheduling + time management in bakeries

Increase productivity and raise transparency

SEAK’s staff scheduling supports optimal staffing in bakeries.

Automated plan suggestions make it easier to adhere to regulations. Employee requests can be taken into account much more easily and shifts can be distributed more fairly. These options contribute significantly to a lasting increase in employee satisfaction.

With SEAK time management , working times are recorded accurately to the second, calculated and forwarded to the payroll system.

The access control prevents unauthorised access to the food preparation area.

The mobile solutions from SEAK bring a new level of flexibility and transparency to the company.

Advantages for bakeries - in the food preparation area and shop

Optimised staff schedule

SEAK takes into account the daily turnover frequency of each shop in the planning process. With just a few clicks of the mouse you can create an optimal staff schedule.

Optimised staffing requirements planning

You can use the annual plan to automatically derive your staffing requirements to counteract any staffing bottlenecks.

Happier employees

With SEAK staff scheduling, you can more easily take into account individual preferences and the fair distribution of shifts.

Benefits in the individual areas of the company
Management / HQ
  • Increase in productivity
  • Central data storage in one system
  • Plan / actual comparisons of the entire company down to the detailed level of the branch
  • Up-to-date key figures, available everywhere
Area management
  • Overview and control of staff scheduling
  • Up-to-date key figures per employee
  • Current plan / actual comparison with extrapolation (sales, hours, productivity, staff costs)
Store management
  • Time savings with automated staff scheduling
  • Fast response in the event of absences
  • Employee wishes are considered
  • Systemic support in compliance with statutory / collective bargaining provisions, including warnings in the event of “rule violations”
Controlling / HR
  • System notifications in case time booking corrections are necessary
  • Automated transfer of data to the payroll system
  • Quick access to booking information for inquiries from employees.
  • Fairer planning of employee working hours
  • Each department can be mapped as an individual shift system of its own
  • Time savings through automated staff scheduling
  • Systemic support in compliance with statutory / collective bargaining provisions, including warnings in the event of “rule violations”
  • Employee wishes are considered
  • Shifts are fairly distributed
  • The shift allocation process is transparent
  • Less stress thanks to optimal staffing
Staff scheduling + time management in bakeries
Introducing staff scheduling and time management step by step - entirely according to your requirements!

SEAK is a module-based software. The “Time Management” module forms its basis. Further modules are introduced according to your requirements: one at a time or several at once.

Step 1

Integrated time management

Master data + time accounts
Holiday entitlement + holiday planning
Booking comparison with the staff schedule

Step 2

Integrated staff scheduling

Integrated time accounts + holidays
Skills + availability
Automated plan proposal

Step 3

Integrated staffing requirements planning

Forecast day / month / year
Budgeting of available hours

Collaborate directly and efficiently on the move

SEAK TEAMS® – Mobile Workforce Management

From digital time recording to online dispatch of accounting documents: employees, team leaders, planners and HR managers benefit equally from optimal topicality, speed and automation in all steps of the process.

System integration
Interfaces for POS, ERP and wages + salaries

Reliable and simple system integration is important to us.

For this reason, we provide standardised interfaces to many system partners. For example for POS, ERP and wages + salaries.

More system partners >

Interfaces for bakeries
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