Strategic partnership with hachmeister + partner

Recognise your development compared to the competition, as well as trends more quickly

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Automated data transfer from SEAK® to hachmeister + partner

With hachmeister + partner, we work together with the leading consulting firm for the fashion, footwear, sports and lifestyle industry in German-speaking countries.

hachmeister + partner specialises in the further development of retail companies and provides its clients with special benchmarks for this purpose via the hachmeister + partner analyse portal (hap).

The focus of our cooperation lies in the further development of the performance of the sales teams. Because the sales teams are and remain the decisive factors for stationary trade.

In order to provide the hap with data, the information about working hours and frequency data of the visitor counters had to be transferred manually until now. This can now be done automatically.

SEAK, as a specialist for workforce management in retail, has specialised in the development of team performance in retail. For this purpose, SEAK offers its customers comprehensive support, from potential analysis to target setting and monitoring. We have developed the TEAM PERFORMANCE MONITOR (TPM) especially for mobile monitoring.

The TPM enables monitoring at all company levels. In addition, our clients want the possibility to get cross-company benchmark comparisons. This enables them to recognise their own development in relation to their comparable competitors and market trends more quickly.

This gap is now being closed in the course of the long-standing cooperation with hachmeister + partner.

Automatic data transfer to the hachmeister + partner analysis portal (hap)

SEAK and h + p have jointly developed standardised interfaces for the automated transfer of data to the hap. Among other things, working hours can now be differentiated according to sales hours and total hours and frequency data can be automatically transferred to the hap. This makes it much easier and faster for companies to have up-to-date comparisons and trends at their disposal and to see how they are developing in relation to the competition and the previous year.

Overview of the interfaces

  • Sales hours interface
  • Interface hours all employees
  • Interface contractual working hours
  • Contractual hours interface by status
  • Interface absences
  • Visitor interface
  • Interface cost centres

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