Remote maintenance by SEAK

Information about TeamViewer

remote maintenance using TeamViewer

Through TeamViewer you can share your computer screen in real time with one of our team members.

This way, two people can share the same screen from any location.

Our support team uses this to provide you with optimised support as you can follow each step of the process. Questions such as “Can you follow me?”, or “What do you see on your screen?” are no longer necessary, as the support team member looks at your screen directly.

To connect with TeamViewer,a computer with internet access is sufficient. It is not necessary to install or configure any software.

Once the session is over, TeamViewer immediately disconnects from your screen. Using TeamViewer is simple and secure.

Teamviewer Download

Connect with TeamViewer


Start a free TeamViewer session now by clicking the blue TeamViewer button on our website.


TeamViewer will show you a partner ID and password. Please let a member of our hotline team know both the ID and password, so that they can connect with you.


Upon entering this information, you will immediately be connected. Data transmission is completely secure and encrypted.


  • The password to connect to the session is dynamic.
    In addition to the automatically generated partner ID, TeamViewer generates a dynamic password for each session, which by default changes each time, for additional security against unauthorised access to the system.
  • No unauthorised control of the screen
    Specific important functions such as data transfer require an additional manual confirmation by the user. Further, it is generally impossible to remotely control a computer without the user noticing, as the user has to be informed prior to any remote access to their PC for data protection reasons.
  • 256-Bit-encryption also prevents session wiretapping
    TeamViewer works with complete encryption on the basis of and RSA public-/private key exchange and AES (256 Bit) session encoding. This method is also used for https/SSL and is deemed completely secure according to the current state of the art.
  • The TeamViewer software is signed.
    The VeriSign-certificate, with which the TeamViewer software is signed, guarantees that this is the original software. This way you can be sure that the software is provided directly by TeamViewer and that no third party has made any unauthorised changes.

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